About Ubbiquo

About Ubbiquo

About Ubbiquo



Based in the United States with headquarters in Miami, Florida and international reach to Latin America and Europe. Managed by experts in corporate training, online education and formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the business world in the United States, Spain and Latin America.

Executive training and online specialization created with some of the most valued and admired Companies in the world.

100% online graduate programs and specializations certified by prestigious Universities of Europe and the United States.

Dynamic Platforms


The combination of alternative methodologies, face-to-face meetings, online conferences, simulators, incorporation of new technologies and participation in leading companies as an experience laboratory; assures you an incorporation of a transformative vision with the highest degree of knowledge transfer.

A door to cutting-edge knowledge

If you are committed to generating an impact on your professional and personal evolution, we can help you achieve it.

Access the new business formulas and methodologies directly from where they are designed and created.